Proper Audio Comparisons for Your Website

The Big Deal

Instantly switching playback between tracks keeps the listener focused and makes even subtle changes clearly audible.


Compare multiple sets per player, with however many tracks you like. It also doubles as a basic audio playlist, so you're covered.


Easy setup. Great usability. Responsive. No heavy handed styling on our end, so it works with yours. Plug it in and go.

Who We Built it for

Audio Plugin & Hardware Manufacturers

The suble things matter but so does demonstrating they actually exist. Make the decision easier for your customers.

Mix & Mastering Engineers

Make it more obvious to your clients what exactly you did to the rough or mix that was handed to you.

Audio Communities & Publications

Integrate audiff into your blog or forum and give your users a better tool to set up tests and engage with each other.


Current Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9+, aswell as current Android and iOS Browsers.

Set Up

As of right now, audiff is self-hosted and requires some web development skills to set up. Not for you?

Please note: audiff requires jQuery >= 2.1.4 to run

  1. Download audiff (v1, Apr 8th 2017)

    Place the content inside your site folder. If you change the relative path of the /icons and /css folders, make sure to adjust the path to the icon font inside audiff.css
  2. Link the audiff.css inside the <head> tag:
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="audiff.css">
  3. Include the audiff.min.js right before the </body> tag:
    <script src="audiff.min.js"></script>
  4. The HTML structure is simple. Here is a slightly extended version of the audiff player at the top of this page:
    <ul class="audiff">
        <!-- First set (comparing two or more tracks) -->
                <li><a href="v_notape.mp3">Vocals & Organ</a></li>
                <li><a href="v_tape.mp3">Vocals & Organ through hot tape</a></li>
        <!-- Second set (here, with only a single track, the <ul> is not required) -->
            <a href="leadg_wet.mp3">Lead Guitar wet</a></li>

    Please note: All audio files within one set should have the exact same duration.

  5. Initialize the player (or multiple players) through jQuery
    In case of problems add window.AUDIFF_DEBUGMODE = true; right after <head>

Set Up Too Techy? How About This:

Easy integration, with hosting and simple managment of all your audio (think SoundCloud geared towards audio comparisons)

Starting at $20/month

Thank You for Your Interest

We're working on this right now. Sign up below to be notified as soon as we are ready to launch.

If you wanna talk right now, just drop us a mail.


While non-commercial use of audiff is free, commercial use requires a per-site-license. We charge a yearly fee depending on the approximate number of instances you need accross your website.

We highly encourage you to give audiff a proper test run before commiting to any commercial license.


1-9 instances


10-30 instances


30+ instances

All payments are securely processed through Stripe


If you encounter any problems please let us know and we will get on it and back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that we don't offer free setup support. If you require our help with that, please get in touch and we figure something out.

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